What manufacturing technologies do we use?

Triple milling

Our soaps are made using a special manufacturing process, a technology also used by French handmade soap manufacturers, the so-called triple milling process. During the manufacturing process, we drive the soap base through high-pressure steel cylinders, repeating the procedure several times, so that the special milling device refines the base material until it becomes an even, dense paste with a completely uniform structure.

Thanks to this unique manufacturing technology, our soaps are free of contaminants, have a smooth texture and a uniform color. When using them, they are softer and creamier than normal soaps, and they foam excellently both at first and last use. Additionally, they keep their consistency and their hardness for a long time, and they are extremely long-lasting.

With triple milling, we can guarantee the best quality as well as the greatest efficiency, which, locked inside a bar of soap, contribute to the optimal pampering of the body and soul.





What ingredients do we use?

Medicinal herbs, flowers, orchards

Each Floran’s product contains natural components of a high quality that can be traced to their origins. We systematically endeavor to prioritize natural base ingredients in each case. Instead of petroleum derivatives, we use vegetable oil, since it is much better and beneficial for the skin.

It is not by chance then that the basic ingredient and main component of all our soaps is the 100% certified pure pistachio oil and organic shea butter, whose beneficial properties we capitalize on in caring for the body and the soul.

Floran’s products are created exclusively from natural components, by processing wondrous and versatile medicinal herbs, flowers and fruit (e.g., pistachio, rose, acacia, marigold).




The inspiration for each of our products is life itself, a symbol of the Eden of yore, where the unsullied nature still lived in harmony with Man.

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